Mystic Words Answers

Words enthusiasts have something to smile about with an all new game that is available in a version that works on android mobile phones too. Mystic words is the game for you if you enjoy getting your mind engaged because not only will you enrich your vocabulary with this game, but also realize how interesting it gets as you continue playing.

Basically, Mystic Words has levels and you can start with the simple grid, which consists of four letters and 3 words. As you scale the heights to higher levels in the game, you will realize that it gets more complex and you will even find yourself at a level where you will have an 8 letters grid that has six words.

Another characteristic of higher levels in this game is that you will need to move with speed in solving puzzles when you finally get to this point. At this point it is both exciting and fun as you get to gauge your sharpness in deciphering the puzzle when you have limited time at your disposal. It is just an amazing experience.

The other thing about this game is that you can easily get blocked but the best thing about it is that there is a way out of this. Therefore, if you get stuck at one level, you can purchase more hints for guidance. Passing a new level is an awesome experience too since you get to earn 3 coins whenever this happens and you can use these coins to unlock new levels.

One can also opt to show the answers with 60 coins but the challenge later on will be that you access a whole new level where you need 420 coins. Buying coins is a great idea but this does not guarantee that you will not get stuck again. It only helps you progress. There are also other options to choose from.

You can opt for the 1500+ levels to complete or the daily puzzle mode that comes with 12 different puzzles to complete on a daily basis. The free play mode is also available that has 15 dictionaries that are used to produce random puzzles. 10 free hints will also be availed on every level of this particular game.
Apart from three leaderboards, this game has 11 different achievements and there are 33 word categories to choose from. These categories include fashion, business, games, sports, animals, plants, among others. This means that you can choose your favorite category from the options available, which makes this game a favorite amongst most individuals.

Mystic Words is a game that guarantees you limitless fun and as mentioned earlier, you will most probably get stuck at some point in the game but this is no problem at all. Hence, visiting the website will be a great idea to ensure that you keep enjoying the game.

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