Word Snack level 471-480 answers

Dive in a world of fun with this free addictive game. Word Snack is really cool and fun with thousand of levels for you to solve. Not too hard, just the right challenge to be fun, not boring or frustrating.

Your task is to discover all hidden words. Swipe the letters to form words and complete all the puzzles. Really easy and addictive without being impossible to complete. In case you are stuck, here you will find all the solutions for Word Snack level 471-480 answers.

Word Snack level 471-480 answers

Word Snack level 471 answers : Tin, Ant, Past, Pain, Pants, Pianist
Word Snack level 472 answers : Lid, Tea, Late, Ideal, Detail,
Word Snack level 473 answers : Age, Tie, Anger, Great, Tiger, Granite
Word Snack level 474 answers : Who, How, Here, Where, However
Word Snack level 475 answers : Male, Meal, Lime, Line, Lame, Mile, Nail, Menial

Word Snack level 476 answers : Pin, Ice, Per, Rice, Prince
Word Snack level 477 answers : Emu, Reef, Pure, Fume, Puree, Perfume
Word Snack level 478 answers : Lie, Lip, Coil, Pile, Police
Word Snack level 479 answers : Day, May, Dam, Mad, Man, Any, Monday
Word Snack level 480 answers : Eat, Tar, Tea, Tear, What, Wheat, Water, Wreath

This was only 1 level from this app. Find the complete list at Word Snack Answers.

That’s all for Word Snack level 471-480 answers. Play with an English word list or choose one of 31 other languages. This app gives you the ultimate power to play the game just the way you want.

Simple start, but increasingly challenging, Word Snack would be one of your best choices! This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad. It can be downloaded for free on iTunes and Google Play.


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