Word Charm level 41-50 answers

Word Charm is a fun and addictive new word search puzzle game to train your brain. This app. will improve your vocabulary and stimulates your brain. It will keep you thinking even when it is the easiest word. Your task is to swipe letters to form words. It starts easy but quickly gets harder.

With more than 2000 levels for you to play it is perfect for killing time or taking a break. If you are a word lover then this is the word search game for brains like yours. If you get stuck and need help here you will find all the solutions for Word Charm level 41-50 answers.

Word Charm level 41-50 answers

Word Charm level 41 answers : am arm mad drama
Word Charm level 42 answers : in it nut unit until
Word Charm level 43 answers : die due dig guide
Word Charm level 44 answers : age all leg legal
Word Charm level 45 answers : us duty dust study
Word Charm level 46 answers : all ash hall shall

Word Charm level 47 answers : if it fit hit fifth
Word Charm level 48 answers : see seek knee knees
Word Charm level 49 answers : he we her here where
Word Charm level 50 answers : let set yes style yet

This was only 1 level from this app. Find the complete list at Word Charm Answers.

That’s all for Word Charm level 41-50 answers. It is addictive. You wont be able to put your phone or tablet down.

This app from WePlay Technologies Limited is designed for both iPhone and iPad. It can be downloaded for free on iTunes and Google Play.

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