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94% Answers All Questions, Solutions and Cheats for iPhone, Android iPad and iPod is an amazing guess game created by Scimob and available for free on Google Play and iTunes.

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It is one of the most played games of all times. If you have difficulties finding the correct answers or levels here you will find all the answers more quickly according to the alphabetical order of the questions.
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From Scimob, the developer of 94 Degrees and 94 Seconds, comes the newest in the 94 series, 94%. Available on iOS and Android platforms, 94% follows the popular “survey says” model as the game tasks players to list of commonly associated words and phrases to specific topics. While 94% pulls of what it wants very well, advertisements and word recognition issues may mar the user experience.

In 94% players are given a word, phrase, or category and are tasked with listing off what 94% of players answered. This concept is incredibly fun and varied. The topics ranged from the simple word “Mouse” to the phrase “A Change Of…” and included lists like “Things you’d find in a pencil case.” Most of these sound pretty simple, but for almost every sinlgle topic I was given I had at least one popular answer left that I had not uncovered. There are also simple images that are presented to he player with the same objective. I wa presented with an isle in a grocery store, a scene inclduing firefighters battling a flaming house and a bee in its hive. For the image topics players simply list everything thought that the image incites, from physcial items in the image to associations with those items. If you can’t get every item in a list, you can opt for a 10 point “word joker,” a hint system that will give you the first letter of the word as well as a bank of letters that include the word. For even more points you can uncover additional letters, although be conservative, it’s far easier to spend points than it is to earnt them. Overall the questionnaires are very enjoyable, and I had a good time playing solo and with a partner.

Unfortunately, 94% is far from perfect. As a free game with premium options, advertisements are understandable. However, a mandatory 5 second advertisement after every level can become quickly annoying. In addition, the game has occasional answer-recognition problems. I’m not entirely sure, but I wouldn’t peg “Hair” being close enough to “Breakfast” to warrant that answer, and nor would I assume that when somebody says “Lemon” that they mean “Watermelon.” The recognition issues are noticeable, but the game is fun regardless.

94% brings the popular “survey says” game show method to iOS with moderate success, and includes fun twists in the form of images and hints. There are exclusive facebook game options and surveys to help aid the game’s development. Sadly, the game is held back by unavoidable advertisements and an at-times poor answer-registration system.


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